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About Us 

grader finish grading
grader doing earthwork
Our Mission


Doboszenski & Sons, Inc. is committed to providing quality excavation and related services at competitive prices to meet the ever-increasing range of customer needs. To accomplish this, we leverage efficient state-of-the-art field equipment, modern back-office management tools and technology, and a professional profit-sharing work environment.

Company Profile


Doboszenski & Sons was started in 1977 by Kenny and Phyllis Doboszenski. With the aid of their three sons (Doug, Tim, and Randy) it has grown to its current status as a well-known and respected general excavation, earthwork, site development and crushing business.


Though we began with only a few pieces of equipment, Doboszenski & Sons now has a modern heavy equipment fleet with supporting services providing the capability to efficiently carry out virtually any earthwork, excavating, crushing task or customer need.

site development with backhoe and dozer
pull behind compactor finish grading


Doboszenski & Sons strives for the highest safety standards for its employees.


Our objective is to maintain a safety record that is among the best in our industry. We are continually striving to achieve an OSHA 300 Log with zero lost workdays due to injury and a driving record that is free of “at-fault” accidents. To achieve this objective, we have developed a comprehensive safety program with the following key elements:


  • Safety Director

  • OSHA training required for all employees

  • Drug and alcohol testing for Safety Sensitive Positions

  • Safety committee consisting of management and field members

  • Safety Awards Program

  • On-site safety meetings

  • New employee orientation

  • Annual safety training meeting

  • AWAIR Safety Program

  • CPR certification and first aid training

  • 1515 days no loss time record

Doboszenski and Sons cpr safety training
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